Gradwell Oilfield  Pvt. Ltd.

We would like to introduce Gradwell Oilfield  Pvt. Ltd., India an established manufacturer and supplier of the highest quality of a comprehensive range of Downhole Drilling & Completion Equipment and tools for the petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industry . It is our great pleasure to introduce that we are at the forefront of developing technology and design of downhole equipment for Oil & Gas Industry. Our goal is to provide user friendly products to help our customers work safely and efficiently in challenging environments & downhole applications. Providing quality product is our know-how and our motto is “Better Quality of Products & Services at competitive price”. Gradwell Oilfield is an API-Q1, ISO-9001, ISO-14001 and ISO 45001 certified company. We have successfully implemented all the Quality Systems in place for Design, Planning, Manufacturing and Quality Control as well as traceability to ensure that Gradwell products maintain the best quality standards. Our facility is certified to below product specific API & ISO certificates

  1. API 11D1 – Packer and Bridge Plugs
  2. API 5CT – Casing & Tubing
  3. ISO 14310:2008   equivalent to API 11D1
  4. ISO11960:2014 equivalent to API 5CT
  5. ISO 10427-1:2001 equivalent to API 10D
  6. ISO 10427-1:2001 equivalent to API 10F
  7. ISO 16070:2005 equivalent to API 14L

We are the original manufacturer of the below products specifically developed & manufactured at State of Art in-house manufacturing facility, surface (Horizontal) and subsurface (vertical) testing & validation facility, which enables testing & validation of the products in actual field conditions and fulfil all API requirements. We also undertake testing as per customer requirements for their special applications. We carry out random testing of our products as per API requirement, simulating actual field conditions i.e. 15000 psi Differential pressure,400 Deg. F Temperature and 100T Axial Load. The list of products developed and used by our customers are:

  • Liner Hangers (Hydraulic, Mechanical, Rotating & Non-Rotating),
  • Mechanical and Hydraulic set Packers & Accessories (Permanent &Retrievable),
  • Wire line and Hydraulic set Seal Bore Packers & Accessories
  • Permanent & Retrievable Bridge Plugs & Cement Retainers
  • Landing Nipples, Sliding Sleeves, Blanking Plugs
  • Flow Coupling / Blast Joint, Mill Out Extension, Wireline Entry Guide, Cross Over, Pup Joints etc.
  • Float Collars & Float Shoe
  • Centralizers & Stop Collars,


The List of our major customers worldwide comprises but not limited to :

  • Addax Petroleum, Gabon
  • SPIE Oil & Gas, Congo
  • NOV Completion & Production Solutions
  • Perenco Oil & Gas, Gabon
  • ENI Oil & Gas, Congo
  • Africa Oilwell Technology, UK
  • Alpha Energy Services, Peru
  • NIS Serbia
  • HLS Asia
  • Schlumberger Oilfield Services
  • CMS, USA
  • Symoil, Netherland
  • Weatherford
  • ONGC, India
  • Oil India, India
  • Vietsovpetro, Vietnam

Above Customers have used our products satisfactorily and found suitable for their field application. We assure you Sir, our product will be of international standards manufactured as per API specification. Moreover, we have a team of well qualified and experienced field support engineers for Training, Hook-Up Preparation, Running and Redressing of Gradwell supplied products in Oil and Gas Wells. We can customize our product to meet your operational requirements to reduce total cost & reliability.

We are looking forward in establishing long term co-operation for supply of above products.

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