Getting Started with OilRegistry

How to get started on the platform as a Listing Owner
Create new listing
After account registration, just click "Create a listing" button in the top-right corner.
Add content
Fill-out the new listing form with specific details about your location, including photos, videos and social media. Add as many listings as you have locations!
Promote your listing
Promote your listings to appear in the top search results and display a featured icon.

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Getting Started as a user

How to maximize your experience to search for suppliers
Register an account
Register a completely free account to view details and engage with suppliers.
Search for a supplier
Specify your project address, select a category and click "Search" to find all nearby supplier locations. Or just click "Search" to explore!
Click to view details
Click on the location to get a quick glance of the supplier profile. This profile is location-specific.
Save as a favorite
Save the listing for later use in your own, personal "bookmark" list by clicking "favorite" button. Navigate to your account to see all favorited suppliers.
Get in touch
Use the listed contact information or a contact form to submit your inquiry and engage with the supplier.

Pricing for users

$0 To List. Forever.

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Search oil and gas suppliers

Premier location-based oil and gas directory. OilRegistry finds nearby suppliers.

Search oil and gas suppliers

Premier location-based oil and gas directory. OilRegistry helps find nearby suppliers.




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