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Expand your supplier options by partnering with OR.

Supplier inquiry outsourcing

Being overwhelmed by the supplier emails and calls? Many good suppliers are falling by the wayside since no time to look at options? Engaged with a BD rep only to discover that they don’t serve the location you are at? Redirect all inquiries to OilRegistry to have supplier establish a profile and then you can contact them at your convenience. Embed our platform logo at your company’s website to redirect inquiries to OilRegistry.

Pre-screen potential options

Use supplier-provided information to pre-screen available options. Want a supplier within certain distance from your project location to minimize trucking costs? Perhaps a nation-wide supplier who can service multiple locations? Save time and supply chain resources looking for new sources of supply.

Drive membership growth

Operator of a large network looking to add companies? Membership-based community that is looking to grow its membership? Partner with OR and make your membership option visible in the profile creation screen and supplier profiles.

Featured Network

Prominently display and feature your network on the platform via ads and featured publications.

Membership neworks

Grow and strengthen member base.

Partner with us

Reach out to our alliance team with your inquiry to start growing your network!

Question, comment or suggestion? Don’t hesitate to reach out – always happy to help.

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    Search oil and gas suppliers

    Premier location-based oil and gas directory. OilRegistry finds nearby suppliers.

    Search oil and gas suppliers

    Premier location-based oil and gas directory. OilRegistry helps find nearby suppliers.




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