March 30, 2022

Marine Dragon born in response to the need for a company specialized in safety signaling for the maritime and energy industry, with expertise in current national and international regulations, knowledge of the processes and operation of vessels, drilling, process and production rigs, as well as all the risks and dangers present in these work environments, with highly trained personnel to carry out from a field survey to the integral signaling of these maritime devices, always using materials and technologies specifically developed for the offshore work.

Marine Dragon is a leading graphics and safety signage company for the industry, specialized in offshore projects. Our mission is to make the operations and facilities of our clients safer, through our signaling systems designed and manufactured in accordance with current national and international safety regulations and legislations, materials of the highest quality, highly trained personnel and the expertise achieved over more than 17 years working in the maritime, industrial and energy sector.

Marine Dragon provides specialized consulting on signaling, communication of risks and dangers of all kinds, we are an important active piece in industrial safety, health and environmental protection, as well as in the simplification of the operation and execution of processes.

Marine Dragon is committed to innovation, quality, care for the environment, safety and well-being of our staff. Our main objective is to provide personalized solutions to the client, always with the reliability, quality, honesty and support of our work.

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