Quantum Resourse Facilius, LLC

April 21, 2021

Our History

Russ co-founded another company in Northern Utah in 2005 manufacturing wireline trucks and equipment.

The company was sold in 2017 and Russ continued on as General Manager. In 2020 with the industry down turn and worldwide slowdown, the Utah facility was closed.

That resulted in the Genesis of Quantum Resource Facilius.

Our Story

Quantum Resource Facilius was established in 2020, with only 1 client involved in the process. As time passed, we quickly grew a multiple client base. We still continue growing upward. We value the fact that we have multiplied our client team base exponentially. We partner globally and offer solutions for buyers and sellers of oilfield and energy equipment.

About Us

Over 15 Years in the the oil & gas industry and over 30 years in manufacturing have taught us at Quantum, that everything we do is solely based on our hard work and resilience. Offering quality above quantity is part of our foundation. We have a relentless desire to succeed. When our clients are successful, we are successful. We believe that helping our clients succeed is the best way to accomplish this.


When given the liberty to make the choice for our clients, we do whatever is in best interest for  them.


We are not a company that is delighted by others’ failures. We value cooperation with our clients and with our competitors too.


By being a leader, any challenges that come our way can be conquered with perseverance,  honesty and integrity.

We Value Trust

Collaboration is key to reaching goals, and we follow that principle within our company, as well as when partnering with other companies. We know that trust is a driving factor and we instill that in all our actions. We believe that any issue, big or small can be resolved by healthy and honest communication among all parties.


If you can dream it, you can do it! Don’t be afraid of thinking outside of the limits that are given.


Being the first one with a big idea is scary. Don’t be afraid to create, all great minds of history were once there.


Having a positive impact for our clients is crucial. Facilitate success, and that will become our success too.


“Find purpose in what you do. Align your thoughts, beliefs, and vision with your actions. With trust, patience, and a positive mindset, anything is possible. My promise to you is to treat you with kindness, respect, honesty, and dignity. I look forward to serving you and will always work hard on your behalf. I am eager to help you succeed.”

Russ Porath – CEO

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