IRZ TEK downhole monitoring, VSDs, SPLM systems, switchboards, soft starters etc.

The group of companies of the Izhevsk Radio Plant is a large instrument engineering plant in Izhevsk, Russia. Intra muros, domestic and international projects in the field of space, railways and oil and gas are being implemented.

A subsidiary of Izhevsk Radio Plant, the production company IRZ TEK, is one of the leaders in the markets of:

  • downhole monitoring systems for oil and gas wells with artificial lift;
  • ground power equipment;
  • software (remote maintenance and control systems for the equipment installed in the oil field) and hardware systems (variable frequency drives) for controlling and maintaining the engine speed of a submersible electric centrifugal pump (ESP/SRP/PCP);
  • water injection systems with flowmeters, dual well completion systems;
  • variable frequency drive units with a submersible reciprocating pumps for marginal horizontal, vertical and inclined wells with production rate from 0.8 to 20 cubic meters per day;
  • fiber-optic well monitoring systems;
  • wellbore scale formation elimination systems;
  • downhole gauge and surface read-out unit diagnostic kits;
  • downhole gauge simulators;
  • downhole and surface units test benches for IRZ TEK, Elektron, Borets, NIS, Schlumberger etc. downhole gauges;
  • ESP drive test benches for compliance check
  • surface switchboards for submersible electric centrifugal pumps (ESP/SRP);
  • soft starters for submersible electric centrifugal pumps;
  • surface drive units for heating cable to monitor parameters and cable protection in heating produced well fluid.

The company produces high-precision printed circuit boards, complex molds, dies, fixtures. Microelectronic production, automated surface mounting, selective soldering, high-precision metalworking on CNC machines, welding and heat treatment, galvanic and paint coatings of parts, casting and pressing of aluminum and plastic parts have been implemented.

The enterprise was certified according to the international standard of requirements for the environmental management system ISO 14001, the requirements for the quality management system ISO 9001, the requirements for the modern system of labor protection and industrial safety at workplaces ISO 45001.
Every downhole gauge and motor drive passes acceptance and functional tests.

Equipment manufactured by the company is operated in the fields of major oil producing and oil service companies in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Serbia, Croatia, Germany, Thailand, China, Egypt, Oman, Iraq , India, Saudi Arabia, South Sudan, Libya, Congo and Democratic Republic of the Congo, Gabon, Indonesia, USA, Ecuador and Colombia.

Our company has a full-cycle production with an in-house R&D department with more than 100 technical engineers and draftsmen. Manufacturing capacity of up to 1000 downhole sensors per month and up to 400 VFDs per month.

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