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NOV 1500 HP rig

NOV JD 50 Single drum multiple speed draw works (reworked NOV Dec 2013) with primary disc brakes, unused Elmago 6032 auxiliary brake powered by (2) Amerimex 1000 HP DC electric motors. Dreco 142′ x 1,000,000 SHL cantilever derrick (rebuilt certified crown) Dreco 27′ swing up 1,000,000 lb substructure with 750,0000 setback Hydraulic operated skidding system (3) Caterpillar 3512B diesel engines each with 1365 KW Kato Generator, air compressors etc. Ross Hill 3 x 4 SCR house with ABB VFD bay for TDS 11SA top drive. Varco TDS 11SA Top drive with reconditioned derrick rails and new service loop. NOV automatic drillers cabin Joystick controlled. F.R.E.E Inc Festoon (built 2019) National 500 ton block with BJ 500 hook (3) Continental Emsco FC/FB 1600 HP triplex mud pumps each powered by GE 752 DC Traction motors. (2) Covered 500 bbl mud tanks with electric centrifugal pumps, stirrers de silter, desander, degasser. Mongoose dual tandem Shale shaker. Wrangler BOP handling system. Canrig PC 3000 hydraulic catwalk. NOV 3080 (110012) Iron Ruffneck Continental Emsco 27 1/2″ rotary table. Cameron 13 5/8" 10000 type U double gate BOP Cameron 13 5/8" 10000 type U single gate BOP Hydril 13 5/8" 5000 GL with 10000 flange 13 5/8" 10000 mud cross with hydraulic operated gate valves Koomey 120 gals air/ electric accumulator in air compressor/parts house. (2) Rectangular water tanks. 500 bbl fuel tank 40' parts change house 12' x 40' Pusher house 4' x 3" 10000 choke manifold Stairways Suitcases (6) Rig mats 1-3/8" drilling line with the spooler Junk box with misc subs, elevators, slips etc.

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